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In 1965 we started as DINASA, dedicated to supplying flanges, fittings, valves, etc. for the refining industry and petrochemical industries

This company was the germ of a developing and evolving into what today is Grupo Industrial Kempchen & Comdiflex SA

G.I. Kempchen & Comdiflex is dedicated, as a first and fundamental activity,to the manufacture and distribution of gaskets and expansion joints.

The first name, Kempchen, rises as a reference to the German company that we have been partners and today collaborators. We began our journey with proven quality and warranty.

Comdiflex is the term coined to refer to one of our production lines stars: the expansion joints.

Nowadays we are recognized,inthesealing and expantion joints market, as the more reliable, and technically prepared, and the more efficient in emergency-express service(according to polls conducted in 2004 -2006).

Our products are found in every corner of the world, especially through the various national and international engineering companies we work with; and our assembly services for compensators also have worked also in Spain and around the world

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